Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Well, you will be amazed but studies show that 40% of women cheat on their lover as compared to only 34% of males.
Despite the difference in excuses between men and women, my conclusion is the same as it was for the men: decide if the current relationship is what you want before getting involved with someone else, not afterward!
In my previous article entitled “WHY DO MEN CHEAT”, I tried to set the boundary between what’s cheating and what’s not. I will reiterate my opinion, saying that all forms of betrayal including clandestine kisses, all that explicitly express your partner’s interest in another person, define the act of cheating.
Though let’s take a look at what seem to be the main reasons why a woman is likely to cheat:
1. Loneliness. Even if they are married or living with their partners, women often feel lonely, especially housewives whose partners are too much involved with their work or hobbies and no longer offer their woman the attention she expects.
2. Betrayal of a cheating partner. The woman revenges on her cheating man, remember the quote "eye for an eye". In this situation, the woman may cheat only if she suspects that her partner may have an affair.
3. Not enough sex. Rarely a woman would cheat purely out of lust. So this must represent the most insignificant reason why a woman can be determined to cheat.
4. The man gets lazy and no longer takes care of himself.
5. Loss of self esteem. The man no longer seems to offer his woman affection and admiration. In this situation, the woman tries to receive those two needs from another man, who seems to be more receptive to her desires. She also needs to prove herself that she still has sex appeal and can still be attractive to men. So those type of women need to get gratification from outside their relationship. The woman is complexed with her physical aspect and needs to be confirmed she is still desired, and thus, attention from someone else becomes extremely seductive.
One of the reasons that affairs happen is because the woman is trying to repair the way she feels about herself. She feels undesired.
Opposed to men who hide their affairs and give ridiculous explanations for what they did, women are more likely to admit they cheated. Some will themselves let you know when they cheated on you and besides they will also give you the exact reason for their deed.
Those seem to be the reasons why women cheat, although cheating is not justifiable either in women or in men. Cheating is one of the most hurtful things that a woman can do to her man.
Don’t forget one thing: If you are a woman sleeping with another man, not only are you cheating, but you are considered less honorable. So women cheating on their partners or sleeping with someone else’s man or women who have more than one sex partner is not a respectable woman and you don’t want to be of these women, that’s to say a woman with no pride and low self-esteem. No decent woman indulges herself into this sort of relationships. A woman with more sex partners is by definition a woman who is not content with the way she looks and is trying to prove herself that she is “hot” while she is only “available” for everyone.
Cheating is never accidental; it is always intentional both in men and women. It is a proof that your partner doesn't care for you that much that she/he would be faithful. Cheating can only prove lack of respect and loyalty to you. The conclusion: Don't make excuses for your cheating woman!

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