Saturday, December 12, 2009


When selecting a Christmas gift for your guy, you want to express your love. A true Christmas gift should come from a loving heart, something intended to make him happy.

However, the first and most important thing we should know is not to buy a guy a very expensive gift. This will scare him and will make him feel forced to keep you. He may have the impression that you are trying to buy his love and happiness and that you are an insecure person.
Another important aspect is trying to avoid a gift that may relay the wrong message to your guy. Men are not picky when it comes to presents and will be grateful for whatever you give them. Though, we need to stay away from a few gifts such as .... well, let's start with ties.  Remember that the circumstances in which men wear ties (at job for instance) do not make them comfortable and besides men don’t like to be tied like a doggy. So this is one gift that must be avoided.
 Probably some of the worst gifts for men for Christmas are socks. Let his mother get that for him, you need to think of something else. You don’t want to seem lazy and unimaginative and besides he already has two pairs of socks: a black pair and a white pair, and that's all any guy needs.

Don’t buy him the latest video game or a play station if you want to have sex during Christmas holiday.

Books are good gifts to buy a man but not for the one you love. Save the book for the guy you want to avoid, it’s very much like saying “You are such a nice fat fellow!”

Well, don’t even think about giving him the same gift you gave him the year before. He will notice.

An itchy or a home made sweater would probably make the worst gift to give your loving man.

Pen sets are another really unfortunate gift to give. With all the technology today most folks don't use them very often. Plus, it really does say “hey I couldn't find a thing for you so go write this somewhere.”

Don’t buy him cologne! Real men only wear cologne when they are courting a lady or for weddings and other special occasions. Men don't like splashing on cologne; we don’t like men who overdo cologne either. So, don't buy him a present he will only use twice a year. He still has a bottle of cologne that he got as a Christmas present ten years ago, and it will last him for the rest of his life.
Objects that are tools for work or for study may be extremely useful for some time in certain situations of life, but not on Christmas.
Let’s find out what men really want for this special occasion!
Get something hot for your guy. You would want to present him something special, which he would cherish for the lifetime, isn't it? Don’t even think of making a Christmas card for your man. "Oh honey I couldn't find anything good enough for you, I took the time to make this card to show how much I love you”. Well, he’ll think you just hate him. Guys love material things and it’s 99% that he won’t enjoy a gift that he can’t actually wear, so buy him something he can show off. Let’s give our men the gifts they’d absolutely love, for instance a Louis Vuitton wallet will make him feel special, he’ll get a kick every time he uses it. And did I mention this gift will last him years and years?

A silver ring is one of the nicest Christmas presents for a boyfriend or husband. It looks quite stylish and trendy. Don’t forget to carve his name or your name on it.

If your guy loves to have his own collection of wristwatches, then presenting a wrist watch to him will be a great idea! Surprise him with his favorite wristwatch and see the sparkle in his eyes!

Buying gifts for men should be an expression of your feelings, and the experience should be pleasurable rather than stressful. Whatever you choose, ladies, look at this gift with your man’s eyes, and you’ll definitely make the right decision. And … remember, don’t do the sweater mistake.

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