Friday, December 11, 2009


Getting the right Christmas gift for your woman seems to be a complex process, giving real headaches, a very risky operation in the same time, as we, the ladies, are susceptible and hard to satisfy. We also tend to misinterpret men’s actions, always thinking that there is something hidden behind all their words, actions, smiles.
For instance, if you keep your eyes closed when making love to her, she’ll think that you imagine yourself making love with someone else. That’s how suspicious they are. So, as a guy, you need to know what gift not to give your woman. Consequently, don’t even think about buying her any household items such as toasters, blenders, pots or pans, she’s not Jamie Oliver, remember? Don’t buy detergents! (“Darling, I got you the biggest bag you could ever dream of!”) Well, if things are so, my best piece of advice is that you’d better get ready to run.
Don’t buy her sharp objects, such as kitchen knives sets, she’ll use them on you first time you have lipstick on your collar after an evening with the guys.
Don’t buy things for you and pretend they are for her: “Honey, I bought this set of drills for you! Remember when I repaired your wardrobe and we had to borrow one? Well … you got your own set now!” If you thought of such a gift, I’m telling you, this will be your last Christmas together.
Don’t buy your woman Disney characters pajamas. She’ll think you don’t consider her to be a sexy woman. Get your wallet and go get her some hot Triumph lingerie.
Don’t buy her any ordinary Eau de Toilette, which really smells like a toilet. If you are going to spend $5.00 on a gift, buy her a box of chocolates instead. If you really want to buy her a perfume, get one of the best French brands such as LancĂ´me, Yves Saint-Laurent, Lacoste or Givenchy.
Don’t buy her clothes, you don’t believe you suddenly started having fashion skills, do you? But, also because women's sizes in clothing vary widely from store and brands. What is a size 8 in a Levi can be actually a size 9 or 10 even in Route 66. So if you were to get her something too small she would think "You want me to loose weight to get into this!" or "Don't you know what size I wear?!"
Don’t buy her anti wrinkle creams. She might even use this against you in the court of law.
Puppies or kittens won’t make a good Christmas gift too. During the holiday season people are so busy that they don't have the time it takes to fulfill a new pup's 'round the clock demands.
The first rule in picking the right Christmas gift for your woman is to get her something that appears to have taken SOME effort. Remember, women like to take a lot of your time, money and attention. 
Diamonds are girl’s best friend; buy her a diamond necklace, bracelet, ankle chain, a ring or a Gucci watch. Women love being showered with beautiful, expensive gifts and being pampered with expensive jewelry especially diamonds, gold, silver, platinum jewelry. Remember, don’t buy her cheap gifts, in women’s mind, gifts are always referred to as money and as long as she has a decent Internet connection she’ll be able to find out immediately how much you spent on her. “So, that’s how much I am worth!”
You can also go wrong all over the place with a piece of jewelry as a gift. If you’re together forever and ever and she keeps pressuring you for marriage, any piece of jewelry is going to tick her off unless it is an engagement ring.
Engraved jewelry is a big hit for your woman, so don’t forget to get your name, initials or a message engraved on the pendant, necklace, bracelet, ring etc. This engraved jewelry is ideal as a gift on Christmas to your special woman.
Purses are always a good choice, women love to carry around $20,000 bags that are impossible to distinguish from the $20 bags.
Mobile phones in various shapes and sizes are always gifts that will be loved by the woman in your life. Women love flaunting their mobile phones at all occasions.
Other electronic gifts such as a laptop or an Apple Mac would be an ideal expensive gift if your woman loves computers. She'll love its stylish contours as well as its versatile functions.
If you have enough money to impress, an original antique or classic painting will be a wonderful gift but new and original artwork will also do if you pick the right one.
Finally, buy her a car. What? I said ….buy her A CAR! 
Anyway, before setting off for your Christmas shopping, listen to the receiver of your gift, she might just drop a hint. Or, if you are totally clueless, ask her to draw up a wish list. Whatever you decide to buy ensure that you get the gift wrapped well. Women like to know you spent time wrapping the gift. And keep in mind that when you’re shopping for a gift for a woman, your top priority is to make her happy.

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