Sunday, December 13, 2009


Men have always been a mystery to us and this doesn't seem to elucidate as we get older. Every time we step into a new relationship we have the feeling that we finally got the man that we can control and totally understand, remeber yourself saying "he is the one". Well? Wrong. The main problem with understanding men results from the simple fact that guys themselves don’t even know what they really want or need from us. This explains why on the one hand men say one thing and end by doing exactly the opposite. And on the other hand they seem to give us very confusing signs. They say things that completely mislead us or set us wondering. There are mainly two reasons why men are so confusing.

1. What did he mean? There’s a little psychologist in every women, we always tend to analyze their behavior and we try to understand the truth that may or may not be hidden behind this blurred attitude. They don’t seem to send us the fully comprehensive message that we wait for. One explanation consists in the fact that guys hide their true feelings, because for centuries society says that men have to be strong. Men take a passive attitude when it comes to their love life, rarely will a “guy talk” consist in “love” topics. And when we bring love into conversation they don’t seem to come with a concrete solution or at least one complete comprehensive phrase. Other times, guys simply don’t figure out what we expect or desire. Why? Simply because men are absent-minded and don’t have intuition. Besides, women are simply born with the ability to have better verbal skills and intuition while men do not possess such talents. So when he doesn’t react the way you expect it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t care or that he is afraid to call things by their proper name. But …

2. It’s also true that men hesitate to express their feelings very frankly when they are not ready to assume the responsibilities that might follow up, such as engagement, marriage, children. I can only figure out two explanations why this thing is actually happening: either he is not sure you’re the woman he had been dreaming of and wants to keep searching, or he had a failed experience before and is afraid to get disappointed or disappoint you, situation which is VERY rarely to occur though, so more than likely the first explanation is more plausible.

On the opposite pole, some guys find it very easy to just splash wheedling words and declarations of love. Well, these are the guys that always cheat you just as easy. Those men find it so easy to say the crucial “I love you” you’ve been waiting to hear. Why? Some men are able to say anything just to have sex with you. This is the typical playboy kind of guy who can end his phone conversation with you, reiterating his deepest emotions and the next moment he calls “the other one” repeating the same cliché with her. It’s known that half of men date ONLY to have sex. But don’t panic, the following guideliness will help us understand men, spot cheaters and defeat them with their own weapons, recognise an honest relationship and finally take over men, so that we won’t end by having a broken heart again.
(to be continued)

The following chapters contain:

Why do men cheat?

Sings that a man cheats

Do all men cheat?

The main types of the men who cheat

Important steps to take for the cheater

Dealing with cheaters

Can a man stop cheating?

Why do men hide things?

Can men love?

When do men commit?

What men want from women?

Should women fake it?

Manipulating men


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